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New Cook School Recipes

The Seagars Cook School in Oxford is now well known, booked out well in advance. In the cook school Jo teaches people how to make a variety of impressive dishes really easily - sticking to the philosophy of 'Minimum effort for maximum effect'. This book has already hit Number ONE best seller in just 4 weeks since launch.

Below is a small selection of recipes from the Cook School. You can find them in Jo's new book The Cook School Recipes.

Thanks to everyone who has been buying up like crazy. Jo is happy to sign special messages and have gift wrapped if you buy "online" or from our Kitchen Store.

PLEASE NOTE: the following recipe changes if you are one of the first recipient book holders. I'm really sorry about this as they slipped through the final, final cross check.

Seagars Chocolate Mud Cake should have 1 3/4 cups of sugar added to recipe plus 750gms of chopped dark chocolate instead of 150gms in the Ganache

Aunty Pegs Ginger Gems should have 1tsp of Baking Soda added to dry ingredients

Kahlua Macadamia Choc Fudge ( already correctred on website ) should have 2 Cups of Choc Chips NOT 2 Tablespoons

Kumara & Orange Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

This is like a carrot cake with a unique kumara flavour.

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Scandinavian Pork Meatballs with Sour Cream & Dill

You can substitute minced lamb or beef with the pork if desired.

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Fish Fillets Baked with Chorizo & Cannellini Beans

A crisp green leafy salad is the perfect accompaniment to this dish

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