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I have tried to provide home cooks with recipes and tips to produce great meals - sticking to the philosophy of 'Minimum effort for maximum effect.'

Fishy Fritters

Jo used this recipe in her Chatham island cooking demo.

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Lime Kelp Whitebait Bites

This can be made with other types of seafood besides whitebait. When they are out of season frozen whitebait works well

or try chopped up ...

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Christmas pudding truffles

TIP: For the white chocolate drizzle, place about 10-12 white chocolate melts in a small zip-lock bag. Gently microwave until they are just melted. Snip ...

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Roast Lamb with Coffee & Cream

I know this seems very strange, but believe me it is truly delicious. No-one can quite detect the secret ingredient but just watch them line ...

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Vanilla Peanut Blondies

A Family favourite biscuit. A big vanilla taste in a pale nutty cookie - like a blond version of a peanut brownie.

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