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Jo's Update

March 17th, 2011

Hello My Friends _ read Full article in Archive - Jo's March Update

Hi Everyone - we are all alive and well ( shaken considerably but not stirred ), well actually stirred as well, but thank you, so many people have been in contact checking we are all ok. We do appreciate the lovely thoughts and concern. I know there is a rumour I had died in the CTV building, but NO it was definitely not Jo Seagar. We were in the process of evacuation during the latest big Quake but it was rather short and sharp out here in Oxford & no damage or casualty's. Since then we have been busier than ever - actually almost out of control at times. The local population has three folded with lots of refugee families in town and every household with a "no vacancy" sign up. We never lost power or water and were a registered operational exit point of Canterbury so had heaps of Campervans & departing people calling in for coffee, food, shelter, water and a smiling face or a hug, actually there has been plenty of that hugging going on. Ross & Sally, our front of House Manager have been busy with the Volunteer Fire Brigade on Search & Rescue duties in the City, our darling Trish has been cooking for St John staff and the Staff here have been donating all their Tips to the Earthquake fund, so everyone is helping in their own special way. The B&B's have been jammed packed full with all sorts wonderful people who needed a "home" for awhile. We wish them all well with rebuilding their homes and their lives

You can't decide what happens in life but by golly you can choose your response and ours is one of positive action & rebuild " The Dubai of the South" - perhaps only 2 stories high though!!!!